It's Temperature Regulating.

Pure silk fabric is a natural heat regulator that will absorb and discharge heat until your body maintains an appropriate temperature. Silk fibres are made up of amino acids that absorb excess moisture from your body throughout the night and release it into the air, ensuring you don’t feel too hot as you sleep. Silk also doesn't create air pockets like synthetic fabrics, meaning it can gently hug your body and retain body heat. Since it’s breathable and moves with your body, it will help you to keep cool in the heat of summer and warm in winter. It's perfect for women going through menopause since it will keep one cool during hot flushes.

It is Hypoallergenic.

Silk is a protein based fibre made from the cocoon of a silkworm and is rich in amino acids. The process of transforming these cocoons into silk fabric is a gentle one. The natural protection that can be found in silk material means it can repel dust mites, mould, and fungi from being able to form in the fabric itself. This alone makes it an excellent and natural sleepwear choice for everyone, but especially for individuals who may suffer from sensitive skin, allergies, or asthma.

Can Reduce Skin Irritation. 

Unlike other types of materials and fibres that can often be restrictive and itchy, silk limits the amount of friction against the skin, conforming to the natural shapes and movements of the wearer. The fibres in silk are long and work together to create a smooth, flexible texture that is ideal for individuals struggling with sensitive skin. The amino acids found in silks specific protein molecules can also rejuvenate skin tone, reduce wrinkles, and hydrate skin tissues.

 Calm, Safe and Smooth.

The smooth texture of wearing silk encourages serenity and calmness which makes it excellent for the central nervous system throughout the night. Wearing silk sleepwear could improve the overall quality and depth of your sleep which might prove to be useful in boosting motivation and concentration during your day. Silk is also one of the most fire-resistant natural materials, is difficult to ignite and may burn slowly or simply turn to ash when it comes into contact with fire.

‍It's Comfortable and Chic.

Not only does silk have plenty of physical benefits it also looks and feels luxurious, is extremely soft and pliable making it super comfy. Downtime dressing should feel as glamorous and special as eveningwear which is why silk shouldn't just be saved for best. After a long day you deserve to slip into something luxurious!


September 30, 2022