thread together is an australian non-for-profit organisation - a global first organisation founded in 2012 that is meeting the growing demand for vulnerable people requiring clothing by managing surplus end of line stock. 

At Twill & Tee we are focused on producing quality, premium Australian made clothing that lasts more than a season. With this in mind we also try to only produce what we need. 

Conscious and considered fabrics are often the starting point of our design process. Our aim is always "less waste" and to try to make only what we can sell. We take pride in our products and the quality that we are able to produce and while every effort is taken, manufacturing flaws or minor imperfections in fabrics can sometimes occur and this mostly wearable stock, is unfortunately left unsold. As a small brand this is  a relatively small amount but never the less it is still a concern. 

Excess seconds or end of line stock has often been discarded or destroyed by the fashion industry but with a simple yet important mission, the national organisation Thread Together allows fashion brands to divert brand new garments from ending up as landfill, playing a part in fighting fashion waste.  Thread Togethers model provides fashion brands large and small with an overflow solution that not only reduces their environmental impact, but also supports and uplifts vulnerable communities throughout Australia by providing access to essential clothing - a basic human right.  

thread together + twill & tee


As part of a circular model of clothing manufacture and our commitment to reducing waste as a brand Twill & Tee donates any unsold garments to Thread Together, which then redistributes these brand new garments to those people in our community without access to basic clothing.

Thread Together also relies on volunteers to support those in need and we are committed as a brand to volunteering our time. 

We have also included an option on our store checkout for our community to make a small donation. All proceeds will be donated to Thread Together to help them on their mission to save new and excess clothing from landfill, and deliver brand new clothes to people in need.

how thread together distributes clothing nationally

  • Clothing Hubs - These hubs offer a retail experience like any retail store. Currently Thread Together have five locations across Australia and are looking at other sites.
  • Mobile Wardrobe Vans - With a fleet of nine vans across Australia, Thread Together are looking to secure additional funding to create a fleet of vans in Melbourne and outlying areas similar to Sydney.
  • Online - Thread Together services over 500 charities and social service partners nationwide. 
  • Built in Wardrobes - Wardrobes where clients can come and see. These are located in crisis accommodation.
September 14, 2021