Your support means so much to us at Twill & Tee.  Whether you've bought a tee from us, read this journal or simply follow us on social media -  you clearly care where your clothes come from and are part of the change.

It was a pleasure and a privilege to be involved in the conversation on Wednesday night at The Sustainable Wardrobe's special event in Bronte!  

What an honour to get to talk about what I'm most passionate about with Fashion Revolution AUS NZ co-ordinator, Melinda Tually and Kirsten Lee, lecturer in Sustainable Textiles.  I feel really strongly that Twill & Tee tells the whole story of where your clothes come from... And I'm not the only one that feels that way!  Joining me in the discussion, Kate from Dirty Denim and Zoe from Chief Studio.
Three different brands, with an emphasis on different areas, from re-purposing denim jeans to using new technologies in printing, all coming to the same conclusion - that the argument about whether we should be producing ethically has gone. 
There's no excuse for not approaching it sustainably 🌿
That's me, top row, second on the left 💚 

Twill & Tee is so proud to be a part of The Sustainable Wardrobe's Summer showcase inBronte from the 7-22nd December.  Stylist Alyesha Campbell brings together independent ethical and sustainable brands in the beautiful boutique space from Among Equals.  
I hope you can take the time to come and view a selection of our Organic Cotton tees, singlets, dresses and a range of like minded brands committed to changing the way we possess and produce fashion.  

Shop locally and with consideration this Christmas 🌿
Jo x
Among Equals Bronte Studio
140C Macpherson St, Bronte
Open daily 10AM-6PM
Now open until Saturday 22nd December
December 17, 2018