We are customising sleepwear ONE GARMENT AT A TIME. Find clothing that looks and fits the way you want. Get a free silk delicates bag when we launch. Be the first to know. 


One At A Time

Each of our silk sleepwear pieces are made to order individually, based on your preferences from a range of customisable options. You'll find the perfect fit for you from an all-inclusive size range from XXS/6 to XXL/18. Our aim is always less waste. We know better and now you can choose better.


Ethically Made In Australia

We design and manufacture all of our garments in Sydney, in house and with small, reputable, local makers. We are invested in their wellbeing and success. Our season-less designs are honestly priced to factor in the quality of sustainable fabrics and our commitment to a local supply chain.

Sustainable Silk

Our silk sleepwear retains your skin's natural moisture. It is a body temperature regulator that helps keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.Silk is natural and biodegradeable. Mulberry trees that sustain most silkworms require few pesticides or fertilisers and can be grown organically - relying on rainfall.

Our machine washable silk sleepwear is launching soon.  Get a free silk delicates bag with your first order.
July 01, 2022