Contemporary, casual tees, singlets and sweatshirts for the ethically committed and the fashionably mindful have become my obsession for the last year….  In fact, clothes have been my obsession for nearly a lifetime!  So, after a year of researching, talking and developing the Twill & Tee brand, we are finally here and ready to share with you all the hard work!   

Finding the perfect white t-shirt has been one of my yearly shopping missions and wardrobe objectives for a long time.  My busy family life means I love casual, comfortable clothes.  I not only want my clothes to look good, I want them to last, fit well and to transcend a season.  I’d been spouting on to my family and friends (or anyone who would listen really) – to stop buying cheap clothes that you wear once and throw away.  To choose quality, sustainable fabrics and to support the makers of clothes by paying their true value.  So, with this in mind the decision to once again create a clothing brand began.  I am not perfect but for me designing and producing clothes must consider the best possible outcomes for the people who make it and the environment around us. 

Starting with the essential white tee, more on the Twill & Tee journey to come.  Meanwhile please check out our first collection of T&T Essentials and Graphic Tees.  Dress them up, dress them down!  Let us know what you think.  We’d love to hear from you.  #twillandtee

Jo x 

Twill & Tee... Casual Clothes for the Conscientious Is Finally Here!

May 22, 2018