At Twill & Tee being a sustainable fashion brand is about being responsible in all areas of the business.  While our clothing range is made using organic natural fibres or fibres derived from reclaimed raw materials (like Tencel), we also look at how other parts of our business can be more mindful of the environment. 

Shopping online often involves unnecessary waste, including bulky postbags and individually plastic-wrapped items.  At Twill & Tee, we use eco-friendly postbags and try to only use the necessary amount of packaging for your clothing to still arrive in great condition.  That means – no nasty old-fashioned plastic t-shirt bags! 

Our post bags from Better Packaging Co are made from natural limestone waste offcuts and recycled resin in a process that uses only solar, zero trees, no acids or bleaches and generates zero waste.  They are also photo-degradable, so with time and sun they will return to the earth as dust! 

We wrap our garments in recycled, unbleached tissue paper to keep them looking great during delivery and the great news is that our post packs are anti-bacterial, tough and re-useable! 

Our swing tags and stationary are made from recycled cardboard stock or FSC certified paper – so that means our paper has been sourced in an environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner! We use recycled and biodegradable materials wherever possible.

We believe in a slow fashion model and try to only produce what we need with limited quantities.  With every piece of clothing I design, I try to use the products that are going to have the least negative impact on the environment, and this means going further than just the fabric that we use.  We look at all aspects of the garment and try to make sure we’ve covered three areas – respecting people, the planet and not making profit the end goal. 

While we’re not perfect we are mindful or the world around us and are constantly looking for new and better ways to improve our business.

February 27, 2019